Coffee, Tea or Me?

I learned the power of a catchy title ages ago when I was a kid, from a movie having the title “Coffee, Tea, or Me?” It was more a mom kind of movie than a kid movie, so I don’t remember hardly any details.  And back then in my earlier years, I wasn’t even a coffee fan, but the title has bounced around in my head ever since.

I always remember my mom with her morning coffee when I was growing up—along with the coffee battles between her and my dad that often came with it, as her coffee was always too weak for him.  I’m not sure, but instant coffee may have even saved their marriage!  So now that I am a coffee drinker, and have been trying to be more consistent in calling the mama, I try to call in the morning to “have coffee with her.”  Last weekend I had coffee with her talking in the morning sun by my budding new garden, and this morning, NOT by my garden, fretting with her over the risk to my garden from the late frosts today, tomorrow, and maybe even yet again.

The tea with my mom was always iced tea.  The classic “tea time” might be more a mom and daughter thing, doing tea parties, the tea room—I remember Karol talking about her tradition with she and her mom going to the Tea Room at some fancy department store in Miami (to which I was never invited)– or with us at Twin Falls, our Tea Ladies.  (Does that mean if “tea time” is for moms, is “tee time” for dads?  That’s also a great way to share time together!)  But whether its coffee or tea, these hot (or cold) beverages have become icons for time together—for each of us to share the “me” with the mom, or some other close soul friend. 

So as we’re approaching Mothers Day, my morning coffee has taken on that new dimension of bringing out thoughts and time with mom.  And isn’t that what most any mom of any age really wants most anyway?  Isn’t it crazy that in our normal times, we usually complain about being too busy, but many people now with being stuck at home, are complaining about having TOO MUCH time on their hands?  Perhaps we could invest this time more in sharing ourselves with coffee and tea, or to use Jesus’ words, to “abide” together—whether with the mom in spirit or in truth, or with other soul friends whose care is as sweet as a mother’s love– because that’s where our lives are able to bear much fruit.

Is it tea time yet?  Rev. Jim