MESSY CHURCH- A Messy Christmas

A New Kind of Way to Have Church

This Christmas can seem really messed up.  Good thing we have a Messy Church for that!  A Messy Christmas at Twin Falls Church will be a drive through Christmas experience on Sunday, December 13, from 4- 5:30 pm, where we get to see together how messy that first Christmas was too!  

Just as many of us have found ourselves these days thinking or blurting out “It’s not supposed to be this way!” I imagine the same thoughts came to both young Mary and young Joseph felt that same way when the angel came and messed up their wedding plans.  We’ll have a “journey to Bethlehem” with them through the church parking lot this year exploring that first Christmas together. Enjoy a few crafts and gifts to share with other, along with some traveling for for the journey. You may even catch a glimpse of Santa!

Whether it’s just you, or a group of loved ones, we’d love to have you join with us on this journey.  As always, Messy Church is a free experience, but it would be helpful for you to RSVP so we have enough food and crafts for all.  To help with social distancing, please let us know what 15 minute block would work for you (4-4:15, 4:15- 4:30, 4:30-4:45, 4:45-5, 5-5:15, or 5:15-5:30). Email:

Looking forward to having you join us when we’ll wade through life’s messes together, especially this crazy Christmas season!