GPS Problems

I was recently following my GPS for the quickest route to my next stop when I went through what must have been a dead zone for the phone.  The phone had that “spinning wheel of death” going for a bit showing that it was searching for something.  Keeping my eyes on the road as any good driver would, I had a hard time seeing what was going on, but I caught a glimpse of what looked like it saying “Searching for destination.”  I HAD the destination entered and the route clear—what happened?   I’m pretty sure my destination didn’t move—how can the system lose track of my destination?  Sure, it may have lost the signal for a bit, but to lose the destination?  Pretty crazy!

That’s how God messages me sometimes—right through the digital doo-dad.  While it wasn’t actually a text from God, the message was still pretty clear:  How can we lose track of our SPIRITUAL destination?  I know we “lose the signal” with God sometimes when we get in one of those dry places where it seems we’ve lost touch with God, but that doesn’t mean our destination in God has moved, nor that God has moved or failed us!  One of the songs I’ve been hearing a lot on the radio lately by Sanctus Real is talking about God’s faithfulness, and has the line in the chorus: “When did He break His promise?  When did His kindness fail?… When did He lose His power? When did His mercy change?  Never has, never will, my God is still the same.”

When we start feeling something like that, remember the last time you went to a horror movie, how easily our feelings can be misleading, and just plain wrong.  When the music is just right and they’ve set the mood, it can take only a matter of seconds for our “feelings” to tell us something terrible is about to happen—when we’re just sitting in air-conditioned comfort watching dancing lights on a screen, safe as can be.  Just because we FEEL like we’ve lost touch with God, or lost our destination as my GPS was thinking—doesn’t mean God has moved, or we’ve lost Him, or that God is no longer holding us in the palm of His hand.

Sure enough, my GPS caught the signal again and I made it to my destination.  Neither my destination nor my signal had actually gone anywhere– which is also equally true with God, despite the illusion, or the false feelings that makes it sometimes SEEM like God has left us.  “When did He lose His power? When did His mercy change?  Never has, never will, my God is still the same.”

Still on track—Rev. Jim