Pastoral Ponderings—‘Twas the Week Before Christmas…

Pastoral Ponderings—‘Twas the Week Before Christmas…


‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the place

The question was uttered, “where’s peace at this pace?”

The stockings were huge as if begging for more,

With Santas, some grumbling, at store after store.

And mama with her shopping, I thought with a snap

“All I really need is a long winter’s nap!”

But I am as guilty as all of the rest,

Of rushing for something, while losing the best.

It’s easy for a child in a stable to get lost,

But for those of faith, it’s just too great a cost.

How to come back around so Christ is at the heart,

Before the rush of the season makes us fall apart?

The candles aglow with a soft Silent Night

Might be just the thing to help us get it right!

But is it too late, if the season’s all spent?

How to save it now, please give us a hint!

When the rushing is slowed, twelve days after the feast

Might give us a chance to find Jesus at least,

When the Light at that stable can shine yet more bright,

With the Magis’ last visit, we might get it right!




Years ago, it was pointed out to us that “The Twelve Days of Christmas” made famous in song, are not twelve days of more intense marketing leading up to Christmas, but a faith journey from Christmas day until Epiphany, January 6, when the Wise Men were said to have arrived to visit Jesus.  If such a stretch of the season can get us past the commercial rush and busy-ness of the season and give us a chance to find the heart of Christmas again, who cares about any questions of historicity with how things actually happened?  It gives us a chance to refocus.  Christmas is not over with sunset and washing the dishes on the night of Dec. 25—it is only just begun!  Look for ways to use those REAL Twelve Days of Christmas to get back to the heart of the season!


We heard of a story about how the song was written as a teaching tool for the faith—the story is likely untrue (see link below), but does that really matter when it CAN be used as a fun teaching tool?  Find creative ways that work in your circumstances—it will probably be a good thing if it can help get past the rush and help refocus on the Reason for the Season!


Merry Christmas! Both for Christmas day, and for twelve days more!

Pastor Jim—Twin Falls, Ravenna First, Charlestown UMC,


A link to explore a bit of the Twelve Days story–

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