Pastoral Ponderings—Stronger Together

Pastoral Ponderings—Stronger Together


FINALLY, we have the foundation poured for the addition to our place—got poured on Monday!  Makes it FEEL like we’re almost done—but I’m betting that as is often the case, our journey with this place will never really be “done.”  But it you’ll pardon the too obvious pun, it’s a concrete sign of some real progress that’s really hard to beat!


I’m always fascinated by the magic of a team of hard workers coming together to make dramatic, visible changes—and using heavy equipment just makes it all the more exciting.  The simple elegance of concrete is wonderfully satisfying to see, too, how such simple ingredients—gravel, sand, water, and the magic of Portland Cement—can come together to be stronger and more versatile than any of the separate ingredients all together.


But only if you do it right.  Remember that old M*A*S*H episode when they were pouring concrete floors for their “mobile” operating room?  They got the mix wrong at first—so they just had a mess!   Then when they got it right—it was a wonderful blessing to all those souls worked on their—they cut down their infection and post-operative death and other challenges immensely.


For us in the Church, it’s not just the mix of us being “Together—As One” as our recent series discussed.  But the magic of us coming together to be more strong and versatile than ever we could be on our own, under the transforming magic of the Holy Spirit working together in and with us, as the Portland Cement transforms all those separate parts into one Body.


I imagine for the poor little pieces of gravel being mixed together, though, can be a dizzying, topsy-turvy experience as the mixing is happening.  Maybe that’s what’s going on in our churches when the change gets dizzying—it is God mixing it up with us through the Holy Spirit to create something even more strong and versatile!  Lord, open our eyes to see what You might be doing in mixing it up with us through the magic of Your Holy Spirit, so we, too, can become more strong and versatile together for Your calling in our communities!


Keep being a blessing as we continue to grow—stronger together.  Pastor Jim

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