Something’s Missing?

Pastoral Ponderings- Something’s Missing?

I got lucky and caught a great picture of the cat trying to find the heart of Christmas—but even the cat can tell something is missing!  Where did Jesus go?  Does this mean we’ve lost the real meaning of Christmas?

It’s okay kitty- Jesus isn’t lost, just misplaced—but is that any better?  Maybe Jesus is still packed away?  I think that’s even worse!  No, I’ve got it—Jesus isn’t stuck on display in a sanitized version of a sentimental Christmas for kitty and the rest of us to ooh, aaah and purr over—He’s already in the real world getting busy bringing Emmanuel—God with us—to those who need it most!

Kitty’s wondering explorations though, makes for a good opportunity to ask with kitty, where is Jesus in your Christmas this year?  Is your Jesus still packed away, missing in action, misplaced—or perhaps in your pocket going with you wherever you go?  Now we Christmas people do recognize that we really are not capable of keeping Jesus shut away in a box, as the REAL Jesus came before the first Christmas tree, and can’t be contained by any season, let alone by our beat up old cardboard boxes!  But kitty also seems to be reminding us that each of us DO literally have a hand in where Jesus is in OUR Christmases, and how others do, or don’t see Jesus through us.

We are reminded at Christmas that Jesus is the Light of the world, and how much the world appreciates and needs a good light or two!  The booming business of Christmas lights just goes to show that the world can never get enough of the Light, the True Light that is the Life of the world!  And Christmas gives us a great opportunity to share the Light with a world in desperate need of True Light.  We’ve used Christmas cookies to help share the light this year—I’m eager to hear stories of ways you’ve found to share the Light!  Maybe sharing a picture of kitty wondering where Jesus is might somehow help!

Keep on shining—Pastor Jim

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