Pastoral Ponderings– Play with Me?

Our cat had his first birthday last week—does that mean he’s no longer a kitten?  He is still QUITE the playful critter, even if he’s technically all grown up.  He has a habit of laying in the walkway, so every time you pass by, he acts as if he’s always wanting to say “play with me?”—and then he attacks any passing feet!

Over the summer we picked up our kiddo’s cat from Kansas—Kaz has a deployment coming up soon to somewhere in Europe for some important Mission for indefinite period of time, so we get to be pet grandparents for a while.  Catain America, our cat, gets along great with Kaz’s cat, Tacat.  But Tacat does NOT get along well with Catain America.  Sometimes Tacat tolerates our furry friend, but very often we can hear the hissing from anywhere in the house—when Catain America is only trying to say, “play with me?”

It’s good cheap entertainment—but a bit sad, too, with all that kitty love going to waste every day!  Coming from a preacher you can probably guess what comes next—sounds a lot like God’s kind of love doesn’t it?  The few times in my life I’ve not been with pets—largely in my military life—I’ve really missed that daily reminder of different facets of God’s love that comes through our furry friends.

One of the things I’ve really appreciated about coming to Twin Falls is how much you all love YOUR pets, and how you’ve used that love to fuel the annual Pet Blessing outreach event.  It’s coming up this Saturday, and I’ve been really looking forward to it this year, as I have every year!  We still have need for a few more servings of pet snacks and people snacks to feed our pets and pet lovers at the event in the pavilion out back of the church at 10.  Please feel free to share this note with your human friends, and come out to enjoy the morning and our furry friends!

I’m sure we’ll all have a purrrrty good time, but if it’s too ruff to bring your friends, feel free to bring a picture of your small (or not so small!) reminder of God’s love to help convey the blessings of the event.  I’ll likely be only bringing pictures too—Catain America would dash off into the woods to play with the squirrels, and Tacat would just hiss at everybody (SHE’s the one that REALLY needs the blessings!).

See you soon!  Pastor Jim

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