Has someone who shined the Light of Christ in your life died this past year whom you would like to remember at our All Saints service this Sunday?  Please send their name and a brief idea of how they’ve made the Light of Christ real in your life so we can have candles for them too!

One of the great classics of Christmas literature, Henry Van Dyke’s “The Other Wise Man” (made into a TV movie in 1985), starts with a gathering in Persia of a group whom we come to know as “The Three Wise Men.”  They and others, including “The Other Wise Man” this powerful story is about, were gathered around an altar with a small fire atop, in which part of their liturgy showed their strong connection to whom we know as God: “we worship not the fire, but Him of whom it is the chosen symbol… it speaks to us of One who is Light and Truth.”

Fire and candlelight have always had strong spiritual power for many, hence our using candles in worship each Sunday to represent God’s presence with us, and our use of candles in special services at Christmas when we celebrate “the Light that shines in the Darkness” first coming into the world.  So it’s no wonder that candles are also often used at All Saints celebrations to honor those who have brought the Light of Christ into the darkness of our lives.  Many churches light candles in this way to honor church family who have been lost across the past year, which we will do this year as well.   If you would like to remember with us someone who brought Light into your life, let me know, and we’ll have a candle of remembrance for them.  Feel free to share a bit about the Light they brought to you if you would like, and I may be able to use that blessing in some way in our time together.  Let your light shine!

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