Competitive Love

                Fall sports are going strong with every team trying to outdo the other.   Some–like Army’s Women’s Rugby that some of us are following closely these days–are consistently playing champion level games, while others might not be doing so well.  Regardless of performance, all strive for the same goal, coaches encourage teams to BE TEAMS, and to ever strive harder.  Have you ever heard of a coach telling the team, “You’re hopeless, just give it up and try not to get hurt too badly out there”?

                Sports teams—WHEN they are functioning well as a team (regardless of the scores they bring home), are about the best model these days of the kind of relationships God calls us to.  Coaches focused on building a strong team could very well quote this month’s memory verse in their huddles, and make it the team’s memory verse as well– “Love one another deeply. Honor others more than yourselves.” (Romans 12:10) Using the NRSV bible translation makes loving one another into a competition sport and ends with “outdo one another in showing honor.”

                This is a great verse for those of you who have a competitive side, or who have kids who like to outdo each other.  Encourage that competitiveness with this verse—you certainly can’t go wrong if you or the Little Ones in your care are encouraged to compete to “OUTDO one another in showing honor”!  So have that team huddle—whether with the family, your work team, or even the team you might coach—give’em that great pep talk, encourage them, push them, prod them, and end it with this month’s memory verse—“Love one another deeply, OUTDO one another in showing honor– Go, team, go!  Ready, break!

Coach Jim

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